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Titan MPRL are -~*MaGiC*~- (Homing on targets without lock, no matter which direction they are fired, more inside)
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Titan MPRL Missiles are -~*MaGiC*~- right now, as they appear to have been treated by Twilight Sparkle with a "I Home on everything even if I can´t see it and without having even locked on." spell.

They home on any target that has been selected (square box, no diamond). You can look in the opposite direction, launch the missile, and it will turn around 180° and fly into the target.
You can even teleport the target away from the missile right before it hits, and it will attempt to turn around towards the target and strike it again until it runs out of fuel.


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Take AT-Specialist with Titan MPRL, place moving VEhicles far away (as far as you like), lock on one of them and immediately run into cover without switching to rifle, but without waiting for the diamond to lock. Look up into the sky, any direction, launch Missile and it will turn around and kill the target.

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Tested on dev and veteran difficulty, has been an issue since Alpha, nobody complained so I thought I´d just indicate that these Missiles are -~*MaGiC*~-

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Dev Build Now no need to wait for the target lock. Rocket works without it. It hits the mark on the wrong path, like a homing missile. This is a serious mistake.

Foxhound_USSR: Titan IS actually a homing missile. There's a big optic dome at the front end (you can see it in launcher).

What InstaGoat says is a big bug, though, if it reproduces. Will try later.

Seems like the "magic guidance system" has already been reported: #12272

darling added a subscriber: darling.May 7 2016, 3:48 PM

Yes, reported in this bug report.
Now you have created a recursive, never-ending bug report :)

Hahaha, sorry, copy-paste went wrong. Meant #10616

Dupe of #10616.