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Please provide basic debug guide for Random Game Crashes
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any way to check error codes or something for random crashes?

they happen about every 1.5 hours


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It is only one way:

How to report a crash:

*Crash dump reports are very important to solve crashes. You can find them on these locations: Arma 3 Beta: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\
*Move all files from this folder and pack them in a RAR archive. Next, upload them to a free upload service like RapidShare,Dropbox
*Please try to reproduce the crash again; reproducible reports are very important for our ability to fix crashes.
*Click on the "Report Issue" button in the navigation menu under the Arma 3 logo.
*Fill in all the necessary information for reproducing the crash. In the "Steps to Reproduce" window describe step-by-step how to do so. Don't forget to provide the link to where the crash dumps are uploaded and the game version.
*Please also attach your DxDiag file ( You can also attach the aforementioned files from the crash dump folder, but the attachment can't be bigger than 2097 KB.
*Always keep the public View Status.
*After all necessary information is filled out, save the report using the "Submit Report" button.

For faster solve of your crash:
*For every crash create new report. It means one .rpt file, one .bidmp file, one .mdpm file in one report with same name. (for example: arma3_2013-08-01_19-46-12.bidmp, arma3_2013-08-01_19-46-12.mdmp and arma3_2013-08-01_19-46-12.rpt)
*Describe what did you do before crash or what happened.
*When you are able create repro mission for crash, create and attach repro mission.

You can try too this:

  1. Can you try please clean install of latest graphic and sound drivers? Usage of drivers cleaner before installing new drivers will make sure you have no corrupted drivers left on computer.
  2. Can you try please install latest DirectX runtime (
  3. When you have hardware overclock, please try go back to default values.
  4. When you use speed fan software, so try set to default values.
  5. Try disable VSYNC.
  6. Try set shadows quality to Standard
  7. Try more overall graphic settings. Start with low and then change to better.

thank you i will definitely begin to do this