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Plane tows/tugs
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I remember having a plane tug in Arma2 but it did not really have a use in the game.

Requesting to have at least 1 finished working tug/tow vehicle for West, Opfor and Green Factions. So you can tug planes into hanger etc or tug them to refueling points or away from objects that are blocking the planes take off path etc


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hmmm this could be interesting but in my opinion it would hardly ever get used.

if they implemented a tug. i think because of minimal demand they would say you script it to pull a plane

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Could CRVs be used for this?

yea its been scripted in arma 2 before to tug jets etc. but take for instance the c130 gunship. Why do we have to code a fully working c130?

i believe the game should offer a fully working tug and c130 gunship etc. however not sure arma3 will have a c130 but i believe the Military said the c130 was gonna be in service 50 more years but i cant remember

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+1 for working Towing cars!

ArmA 3 is lacking in jets even in launch off the full game. Arma is meant to be set in the future about 2030 even then it won't be just unmanned drones out there there still would be maned jets such as Typhoon, F-22, F35 etc I'm every disappointed with this in comparison to arma 2 which had quite a few jets.

AD2001 added a comment.Aug 7 2013, 7:13 PM

How is it lacking jets? How many jets do you want? There was an X-35 shown on the screenshots and I think there was another jet, but I can't find it.

X-35 was only one i seen too. I would love to tug that pretty thing out of the hanger hahaha

Unfortunately, no X-35, just an L-159.

If we got a C-17, it can back up on its own without a tug.