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Not geting frag
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 In multiplayer , if I'm blowing up somebody's vehicle or aircraft , and the guy standing nex to it getting killed by the explosion . I'm not getting frag . It says  " X was killed" ....not by me. So...if I'm shooting and blowing up car for example from my Marshal canon . He jumps out from it , but getting killed by car explosion's not counts .I'm getting NON. 
I hate to compare Battlefield with Arma (I love Arma :) .....because its totally different games ...Arma is milsim ....BF is arcade . But it has good feature ..... If you blowing up , aircraft , gas tank etc. and somebody dies from this explosion getting frag .


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THAT is a hell of a, seriously: The goal is to complete the mission, not to archieve "frags". "Getting kills" should not be the priority.

And when the enemy is down, i don't care if i get a "frag" or not - he won't harm me or my comrades anymore.


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Look , you not allways play on CTI or Coop ...sometimes it will be pure TDM , where you just kill , and get money for it. So....

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