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Consider adding a getMass command.
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A getMass command would be useful for many things and would appear (on the surface) to be a simple addition.

  1. It compliments the setMass function, allowing mission designers to get, modify then set a new mass of an object for whatever reason they may need.
  1. It removes the need to access a static config value when looking for the mass of an object
  1. Combined with setVelocity (and sleep), it can be used to apply an impulse of a specific force for any dynamically chosen object, which may or may not have a modified mass.

Plus many more possibilities that mission designers and modders could think up.


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I could use this for my Ekranoplan. It Could come in handy to keep track of the mass of the cargo+plane.

This is brilliant! Weapons mounted on aircraft could actually have an impact on the aircraft due to weight?

Edit: Added a link to the scripting command you would like.

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Added in build 114929.

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