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Advanced Deadzone
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I suggested this months ago in the forum, but never made a ticket, so I guess I should do it now.

What is the meaning of the deadzone for you? I find it is rather a disadvantage and unrealistic to sway the gun all around in front of your face, but lowering the muzzle is realistic and done in real life. In ArmA it would serve the purpose to move the large sights out of the view.

So I'd love to set exactly how much the deadzone goes to each direction. I'd like to set 0 deadzone to the top and sides and have some bit of it to the bottom, like here (see the cross):

You can sort of view this in a video I cut as example:

Also a separate deadzone mouse sensitivity would be great.

Additionally I'd love the option to set head movement to free when aiming sights. I toggle to sights to move at combat pace and toggle to sights when laying prone (like in real life, you align the gun, cheek on stock, sights lowered, waiting for target, etc).

I know this can be buggy if you want to look down (eventually clipping through the stock) so restrict the free head turn to top and side only. It is really only about laying with the cheek on stock, ready to raise sights, but be able to glance to the sides (you're not mechanically restricted in real life, as you can turn your head slightly keeping a cheek on the stock and move our eyes all the way to the side). I'd like things to work more intuitive, not mechanical where I need to unaim the gun first, than turn the view, than switch back to aim.


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