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Contextual action priorities... or insert own title here
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To cut down on keys and make using things more intuitive I'd like to do the following:

  1. Holding the "fine" stance adjustment key to use the mouse scroll wheel to adjust stance. Plus use the right mouse button to step out to the right and the left mouse button to step out to the left.

Meaning: Holding the stance adjust overrides other functions that you have on other keys, such as the wheel and the mouse buttons used in the example above.
You still can use the forward/backward/sideward keys, but I tested the wheel and it is awesome, problem is, I need to put the forward/backward movement on the wheel to do this and it is conflicting with other functions. So that's why contextual priority.

  1. Same could work with a dedicated "hard" stance adjust. Means you have one stance key, holding it and scrolling down will make you crouch and then go prone, and scrolling up back to crouch and standing.

Some might love it.

  1. Only one zeroing key. Hold it and use the wheel to zero/adjust range. Double tap the zeroing key adjusts the default zeroing setting.
  1. What about a speed up/speed down keys, so you could use the wheel to toggle between the walk/combat pace/run (sprint excluded, must be separate key). But holding any other function key (zeroing/action menu/stance adjust, etc), would be priority and let you use the wheel.

This seems overly complicated, but all I am suggesting is to have the functions override any other that is set to the same keys.
To do this you need to set three keys. First key is the, let's say "zeroing key", second and third keys are the "up" and "down" keys associated with the zeroing, so it wouldn't need to be the scroll wheel, but any other key you set. You could use the W/S (forward/backward) keys to zero. Thing is that when holding this zeroing key, the W/S keys would do only the functions associated with the zeroing key and override any other potential function bound to these keys.

I believe this would cut on keys and could make the adjusting of things much more intuitive.

  1. You could have a weapon selection key that works like the following: Press it to toggle between two weapons, hold it down to open a menu where you can scroll with the wheel through all available weapon systems.

Same could work with grenades. The grenade throwing key throws on press, or opens a menu on hold where you can not only scroll through all throw-able items, but also just view what stuff you got in this category (and how much, it would have the count behind the names).

Regarding the action menu key. This has been addressed enough and much better by others, just have my 2 cents to add:

Three ways to use the action menu key:

A) Context sensitive, by looking at the object and push the key to manipulate (like opening door, getting into driver seat if you look at it, or gunner seat if you look at the gunner hatch/door, etc)

B) Menu sensitive, by holding the key and having a menu that shows all possible seats/positions (if vehicle too confusing for you).
Same thing if it is a door, you can push the key to open it, or hold and have a menu with more options to choose from, like set breaching charge, or peak through lock...)

C) If context sensitive doesn't work (if you deal with a crate or backpack with lot's of content), than pushing would open the menu with the list of content, but the icon that you have when looking at that object would be a list, so you would always know what you deal with and what action will be performed when pushing the action key)


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Some additional thought on feasibility:

I mentioned how you need to assign three keys to, let's say, zeroing.

Key 1: Zeroing Adjust (let's call it that way)
Key 2: Zeroing Up (let's say you choose "mouse wheel up")
Key 3: Zeroing Down (say, "mouse wheel down")

That way, as explained, you hold the "zeroing adjust" key to use the "zeroing up" and "zeroing down" keys to zero.

However, if you simply leave the "zeroing adjust" blank, than the "zeroing up" and "zeroing down" keys will work on press, like right now in ArmA3. So you can keep them mapped to PageUp and PaigeDown and things will remain as they are now. You got the choice.

Important is, as explained, if you do use the "zeroing adjust" key, than it should work as an override key and make the "zeroing up" and "zeroing down" keys override any other function that are mapped to these keys (so you can use the wheel to zero and still use the wheel for other functions at other times, without conflicts).

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You've got good idea, BUT not with left and right mouse button, it's good like it is now. Polish a little and maybe I will vote.

For charge ( hot action ) better maybe by keep pressing space key to stay in menu.

If you want I've posted a ticket for stances with scroll button

Can be good to link it to yours...

What else is there to polish? It's quite straight forward.

You don't need to use the left and right mouse buttons to step out, you can set any key you want, even keep it as it is now (WASD).

My point is, that you can either have individual keys to scroll up and down the action menu, the zeroing options and stance adjust (PageUp/Down for zero, scroll wheel for action menu and WASD [or other keys that you can set] for stance adjust) like now in ArmA3, or you can have only two buttons for scrolling (I prefer scroll wheel) which you use to scroll up and down the list/settings when holding a dedicated action menu/zeroing/stance adjust key.
With the stance adjust you need to hold the adjust key in any case, as it is now too, but you'd have the option to change it to the wheel.

I guess I make it more confusing the more I try to explain it, let me try a simpler example, for the case the above wasn't understood:

Key element is that holding this dedicated key allows you to use the, let's say, scroll wheel to scroll up and down the list/settings without the other functions that you have put to the wheel conflicting with it.
Like now with the stance adjust, you hold the stance key (which is one hold key) to use the WASD keys to adjust stance, the movement is disabled the moment you hold the stance key.
So what I suggest is that you can set whatever keys you want to adjust stance when you hold the stance key (not being forced to use WASD, but can use scroll wheel and mouse buttons, if you like) and in addition to that, using the action menu, zeroing and possibly other stuff in the same way as the stance adjust (by holding one key and using whatever keys you want to scroll through the lists, adjust stuff, etc).

This would give you the ultimate personalization/customization level of the controls.

And I'm OK with that totally. But today I have lot of things to do, I will see again later.

The only thing that for adjusting stances there's no reason to use a key in combination with the scroll wheel, that's my ticket. After for the rest I'm ok with you, I had the idea for zeroing like you.

Ok for customization, I upvote for that. Now maybe the title of your ticket is not the best and maybe too much things in your ticket, on feedback tracker they don't like multiple issues. All your idea with the scroll wheel I'm 100% with you, without a combination with the scroll wheel for adjusting stances, and not really sure with the mouse buttons, anyway if it's customizable, but be carefull with the others players... Ok for your title an idea like : multiple use of the scroll wheel. It's just an idea but it's to be more clear! I hope that some things like you write happen, I though a little like you.

Can you link my ticket with yours?

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