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Night Time Lighting
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Whenever I play a mission at any time of night, whenever even the slightest thing to do with light causes my game to go crazy.

Ambient light causes the game to turn a blue shade instead of green shade when in NV mode. This only happens when I look in certain directions, of which seem to be random.

Muzzle flashes, even silenced ones, cause nearby vegetation do appear all over my screen in a solid green colour, and move around my screen when I look around, and rapidly appear and disappear whenever a shot is fired.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Set mission time to midnight (preferably).
  1. Make a firefight (such as two fire teams).
  1. Launch the mission and go into NV mode.
  1. If random block green trees and grass start appearing, then this is the problem I am reporting.


Repeat step 1.

  1. Place a player-controlled unit in a lit-up area, such as Stratis Airfield.

Repeat step 3.

  1. If the screen turns blue instead of green, then this is the problem I am reporting.
Additional Information

This might just be my computer reacting to the game, but I have seen other people with similar problems. If BIS could fix this then I would be very grateful as I would 'safely' be able to play night missions.

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I suggest you provide the make and model of your graphics card and also the version number of the drivers you have installed for it.

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Could you attach screenshots or video? Also your hardware specs, drivers and OS.

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity this year; assume fixed or too trivial etc.

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