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Some people do NOT like the new commands put into the scripting part of ArmA 3
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Well, to be honest, I've gone off on several crazy rants at my computer screen the past couple of days because of some new things put into the scripting part of ArmA 3... setVariable just is... dumb... for a lack of better words I can find right now... why make it HARDER for people to script? If it was put in for 'security' then are you saying that Battleye won't do its job?! Also worth mentioning that the error box seems to have some logic fails in the way of saying theres an error with { for example, you put in { then it spits out another error saying the { I just put in is an error... Just something for the devs to think about...


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I know I'm not the only one who thinks this setVariable command is stupid... You could already do this before and it was EASIER...

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Also worth noting once again that lots of people like to do fluent coding. if you already know what _DP for example equals... Why would you want to declare it??????

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What has been changed?

Before you could just use _DP = floor (random 10); which would return a random whole number between 1 and 10. Now you need to declare the variable as well... so you would also need to do _DP setVariable ["random 10"]; and even then that appears not to always work... in the way of the game still saying its undefined, even though it is...

_DP = floor (random 10); no it wouldn't it would be between 0-9

You don't always need to declare the variable.

setvariable has been around for a while not just for A3.

The error report is new because previously it reported nothing but the error was there preventing scripts running.

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Please write about your opinions on the forums, not in the FT. Thank you :)