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Blackfoot pilot PIP would work better in the same display as the gunner
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The blackfoot has had PIP for a while now and it's the smoothest for the highest detail we've seen. I can't tell you how happy I am to see this especially after the change from having it behind the gun.

It offers the pilot an opportunity to see what the gunner is looking at however it isn't really being used to max capability.. The screen currently being used is x2, almost x3 smaller than the digital display that the gunner uses. Due to this the pilot cannot see in the same detail what the gunner is seeing, they may miss things and by comparison of clarity, you need to press 0 or zoom in to have the same clarity.

If you swap between pilot and co pilot, use take controls and observe what you can see through the co pilot versus the pilot then the pilot can see much better period.


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Spawn RAH-99 Blackfoot, enter pilot and fly around, then enter gunner and fly around and observe the differences in what you can see between the two displays.

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I suppose in real life, such information wouldn't be so crucial to the pilot, and the main tft screens would be occupied by more important data(maps, status of systems etc). So i'm personally against that(as now it is more authentic).

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Not sure why you think a 100% replica image of what the gunner sees would not be helpful to the pilot. In real life the displays can quickly be swapped out by a few to a single button press pending the setup.

The default helo's also won't have maps, systems or anything of the sort, at the absolute most they might have an animated radar akin to the UH-80 but it doesn't really do anything...right now instead we have a fully static radar display that does nothing, having PIP on there would be far more functional.

Byku added a comment.Jul 31 2013, 12:13 AM

Yes it will be much more functional(unfortunately - oh working tft screens *_* ) but having it there constantly wouldn't be authentic at all :P. Well anyway... we'll see how the voting will go:). I personally don't have issues with it, when i want to look at it i just press zoom.

If you want to talk about authenticity then technically where it is right now is very wrong. the two screens up top are primarily for text information, something akin to the AH-64 Up Front Display, with only scroll keys and none to reach actual pages.

Unlike this or even this

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If we are talking about authenticity then we can talk about a thousand other things in Arma 3 ;). Simply because something is less authentic... so that means we can make something else less authentic - doesn't convince me. Anyway i know that Comanche interior is unfortunately not 100% correct... on the other hand... it's a "Blackfoot" :|.

Okay how about common sense then. If you were piloting an aircraft and were using a display screen to navigate, having a number of them in the cockpit, would you select the biggest of the smallest?

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