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LOOK doesn't reset in the center when running
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When player is running or sprinting, after holding the LOOK key and looking around, when LOOK is released, the look doesn't reset in vertical way. You fixed it in horizontal way but probably forgot the vertical ;) Might be also that this came after the horizontal fix because I just recently noticed this.
There's no problem when standing still, walking or in combat pace (I'm not 100% sure about those paces so sorry if I got them wrong but you'll see when it works and when it doesn't).
LOOK needs to reset in the same way no matter how fast you go.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run or sprint
  2. Hold alt to look your toes for example
  3. Release alt and notice that your body has moved and the look doesn't reset in the center.
Additional Information

Horizontal reset works in every pace but vertical reset works only in some paces.

Probably very related to this solved bug but my ticket is about vertical reset:

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I can confirm that this happens when running and looking down at your legs in first-person mode. (haven't tried 3rd person)

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This happens also in 3rd person mode and there you'll see how ridiculous the body movement looks when your torso go from extreme high to extreme low in micro seconds :D

Tweaked the summary.

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In Arrowhead, vertical free look doesn't reset either, but the torso rotates up/down much slower thanks to all the smoothing stuff that is going on. In Arma 3, we removed most of the smoothing to improve control responsiveness + the limits are a bit more benevolent -> rotates much faster and potentially to greater angles.

Since this is something most players are probably used to, it will have to go via the animation design department before the animation programming department can do something about it :(

Yeah either go for the OA way or that the view centers completely like when walking but not the way it's now. Either way tt doesn't feel natural that your body has moved after you let off that LOOK key when running or sprinting but in other paces your body isn't affected.

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Duplicate of #0003531.

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