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Mortar fire location known with out spotter
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I like how the mortars are not precise when your location is know by the enemy but the problem is they know where you are without anyone spotting you. You can be sneaking up a hill with no one in sight and the next thing you know a mortar lands on you.

If the user needs to call in the location of a mortar to the mortar team the AI should also need to do so. Unless they guess but it seems much to close to be a guess.

Note: Even if the enemy has called in a direction of attack, they should be putting rounds down in a situational spot instead of directly on top of the unknown location of enemy contacts.

EDIT: This can be hugely problematic when you get a radio call about mortar teams firing and the only thing you can do is run around like a chicken with your head cut off in the open hoping no enemy AI spot you when doing so.


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Play any game mode against a mortar team. Once rounds start coming in they are almost ALWAYS with in 40 yards of you with NO ONE around to spot. If this is done via UAV then our intelligence team should be relaying that there is a UAV over head and taking cover would avoid the same situation.

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This is not the same thread as the precision of artillery, though it should also be considered (which it has been)

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Yeap. I was in a mission in the editor with two AI mortar teams and try it alot of times and at the end I decide to not put them due to their accuracy but I miss to report.
Upvoted mate.

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