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It should be able to command your AI not to use their sound supressor.
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Units like the recons have sound Supressor. With sound supressor they have less accuracy and penetration power. In some mission you sometimes need a supressor and other times you don't need it. But you can't order your ai not to use it.
For example. My team (4 recons witout me) was lying on the top of a hill. They were not allowed to fire. an enemy (4 soldiers) team was ca 250m away at some other hill. they didn't detected my team. I gave everyone of my team some target. Then we opened fire (without me i was observing the enemys). After my team killed one of them the 3 left enemys turned arround and were able to kill two of my guys, before they died themselves. I played the scenario again with 4 riflemen in my team. this time all 4 enemys died, before they have been able to shot one time. I tried it severall times and normally the result was the same.


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Edit the Scenario i did

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can you just remove it from AIs when you don't want them to use it?

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@Killzone_Kid I think this is not an issue while building the scenario, where the designer could unassigne the supressors. As far as I understand it, he sugests that there should be an option to order your men to take off (or put on) their supressors while you play the mission.
Currently you can only do that if a object is present that allows for inventory-access, for example a ammo box. If such an object is present, you can order the AI to pick up things (Inventory) from it, which opens up the inventory-screen for said AI soldier (and thus allows to remove or attach attachments).

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@ Iratus
That's exactly my point

You can do this with opening the map - team and going through each units inventory.
There really should be a quick command for this.

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thanks for the tip :)

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