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"You were kicked from the game" after joining any ArmA 3 multiplayer session.
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When I join any server no matter what it is, it will load the first screen and show "Group chat" briefly, it will then disappear and nothing will happen. After about 2 minutes a message will pop up saying "You were kicked from the game" and it will take me back to the multiplayer menu. I can see all the different servers so it is almost certainly not internet problems.

Cannot find a solution that is working anywhere.


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Join a game.

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Drawster on forums wrote this:
"Have you made sure your Steam is online? I had exactly the same problem after the Beta came out. My Steam went offline for some reason and and I too got the "You were kicked.." -message when trying to join any game. Reconnecting Steam fixed the problem for me."
Maybe you have the same problem? Related to this

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I just reinstalled it out of rage, but I'm sure that would've been the cure. Thanks man - My steam WAS offline when I tried it.

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I am having the same issue. I have made sure Steam was good, but this is exactly what happens. I cannot play anymore...

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