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fix the engine limitation restricting real max speed for land vehicles.
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an important thing that must be fixed in Arma 3 compared to Arma 2 is the engine limitation that made the land vehicles (car, motorbikes...etc) unable to reach the real max speed.

for example in Arma 2 you had civilian vehicles (Volkswagen Golf, Yamaha TT650) that were unable the reach their supposed max speed, even by modifying their configs file.

efor example : even if you entered in the config maxspeed=190; the car was limited to barely 100km/h.

and this problem mostly occured with all the land Vehicles. few of them had real max speed compared to their real counterparts.


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And on the other hand armored vehicles such as tanks NEED a speed limiter. Reaching their max speed is one thing but going downhill and going over that speed is something else.

Supposedly high speeds cause the tracks to get too hot or damage the transmission..can't recall what exactly.

There is no such limitation this time. By tweaking gearbox and raising maxspeed limiter, you're able to reach pretty high speeds. I didn't try anything stupid, but going beyond 200 is easy.

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If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.