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Add a way to disable and enable house doors using scripts
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It would be nice to have a way to disable, and enable house doors using scripts.

That is, once the house door is disabled, it cannot be interacted with within the game, unless it's enabled back using another script call.

The enabled/disabled state is independent of the door's animation state.

  1. A door in disabled state, cannot be opened or closed within the game.
  2. A door in enabled state can be interacted with as usual within the game.

In essence, if the door is in disabled state, there would be no action menu shown for that door.

If it gets too difficult to implement at the door granularity, then it's fine if it's implemented at the house granularity, e.g.

_house enableDoors false;
_house enableDoors true;

Alternatively, if you can give us a way to inspect the contents of the action menu, and dynamically show/hide existing actions (even the ones added by the game itself), that would accomplish the same.


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It's already possible:
<i>house setVariable ["bis_disabled_Door_<doorID>", 0]</i>

Thanks! Works well.

No problem, closing as no change required then.