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The change of the treatment systems and injuries
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Now the system of treatment as an arcade.
The main problem: The character can use the first aid kit as many times as he wants / has it.
For milsim it is not serious. + You are not using the positive achievements ARMA2.
I know that there are such requests. However, I would like to see a system of treatment and injuries in ACE or vBs style. But I understand - it's hard (if not do this in advance).
I want to change the treatment system at the level of the existing content and features.

Below I will give an indicative example.


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Тake 30 first aid kit and use them after injuries)

Additional Information

An example of what you can do:


  • light or medium wounds: Treat themselves no more than 2-4 times
  • serious wound: Only Medic's help no more than 1- 2 times
  • leg injures - immobilezes (OFP style)


  • Severe injury can lead to loss of consciousness
  • Injures of arm - affects the aiming, but the change of hands can normalize situation (You can make an animation shifting weapon (now the hand does not change when you shoot from the left shoulder))
  • Injures (cured or not) affect to the speed, breath holding, carried weight
  • Adding the effect of concussion
  • Bots can react the same way

Sorry for my english, and thanks for ARMA3.

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