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Driving tracked vehicles in reverse, controls are inverse
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When you drive the Panther or Kamysh (edit: any tracked vehicle) in reverse they turn left when you press right and turn right when you press left.

edit (18.09.2013):
Every tracked vehicle in the game is affected. Because of that I changed the report title


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IF anybody dowvote this ticket, they should know that the tracked vehicles work diferent than the wheeled one, and the tracked vehicles shouldn't have inversed driving controls when going backwards

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Everything works like they should work. Tracked vehicles operate differently than wheeled vehicles.

The controls are not inverted when reversing: when you drive tracked vehicle and you reverse & steer right, you're turning the vehicle to right. Wheeled vehicles have inverted controls when reversing (as they should have).

I never drove a tracked vehicle in real life but my understanding is that when i steer to my right hand side, the right track gets slower then the left one resulting in a turn to the right (while i drive forward). When i drive backwards and steer to my right hand side, again the right track gets slower then the left one resulting in a turn to the right side of the vehicle (left side regarding to the driving direction). But the opposite happens ingame.

Something strange happened and this tickets seems to exist 2 times. One with the ID: 0011996 and a somehow newly created one with the ID: 0014669. Would be nice if a mod could delet the newer one.

Fennecus, think outside the box. Tracks don't operate like wheels. When you steer a wheeled vehicle, you turn the tire. In tracked vehicles you decide which track has more _forward_ velocity.
In case of a car: Lets say you steer right and go forward. The front of the car goes right. When you start to reverse, the front of the car goes left (because the wheels are still facing the same direction).
In tracked vehicles when you steer right, the outward track will spin forward faster than the inward track. When you go forward and steer right, both tracks spin forward, but the outward track spins faster. Now, when you start to reverse (and still steer right), the inward track spins faster backwards than the outward track, because outward track still has "positive vector" due to the steering. Because of this the front of the tracked vehicle will always keep turning to the direction of steering.

Hope this helped.

Gekkibi, that doesn't make sense

Dave, this ticket is to have them inversed, thats how it works in real life

Dr Death, I just received a verification from ex Leopard 2 TC. It doesn't matter if you go forward or backward, you will always keep turning to the same direction you're steering.

Dave, i hope you arent serious.....

Gikkibi: exactly, now read the ticket description again

Dr Death, when I said that it will keep turning to the same direction, I mean the front of the vehicle will keep turning to the same direction. D = clockwise, A = counterclockwise, no matter whether you're going forward or you're reversing. It's like this in arma (both 2 and 3), as it should. Maybe I didn't understand this ticket: Does the OP want that suddenly the steering direction changes when you put on reverse, or what..?

..... i will assume this got fixed then and i havent noticed

I never noticed it worked differently in Arma 3. There was maybe 1-2 weeks when I didn't play Arma 3 during the beta stage... And trust me, the first thing I always do is to test what BIS have done to my beloved tanks/tracked vehicles... :P

But in any case this is an obsolete ticket then.

Closing as fixed.