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Helicopter Inserts Via Drop Ropes (rappelling)
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When a transport heli is flying over an LZ, it's occupants can have the option of dropping ropes out of the side of the heli and descend down the ropes, ensuring the heli may never have to land. This would be great for LZ's with a slope or large amounts of small obstructions on the ground. Performing this task would require the helicopter to be hovering at a certain height, the door(s) of the chopper open (exposing passengers to enemy fire) and maybe even requiring the troops to have a sort of device to descend the rope (ex: belaying device or karabiner). This type of operation would require teamwork and a large amount of communication and coordination between the troops and the pilots. Also, doing this would feel pretty badass... {F21079}


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There is already a ticket with many votes for this.

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Duplicate of #0003909. Please search before posting. I recommend Google.

Even though it a duplicate, it still gets my vote.

Alright yes I know this is a duplicate and no I did not know there was another one until I posted this but this proposal of this feature is much more detailed and planned out than the other one posted right now.

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It will be supported by the engine. That was said by the developers at the begining but dont spect that everything will be allowed in the beta.

This is a pretty well written ticket. I recommend adding more tags.

Duplicate of #0003909.

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