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Debug Console Does Not Let You Paste Pre Created Scripts
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You must go into the editor and paste any unit set it as player then click preview once you are in game play press esc to bring up the debug console then press alt tab create a simple script in a txt document like hint "hello world"; copy it then return to your debug console and try to paste it in, this is a annoyance because i use it to test out to see if my scripts will work and its a pain to write them out word for word especially if the are long with many lines then execute, it was much easier in 0.72 to do this. i dont know if its battleye or if its just the new release


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Steps To Reproduce

step 1 download the 0.74 update (steam must restart)
step 2 launch the game
step 3 click on editing
step 4 place a unit and set as player
step 5 click preview
step 6 press esc to open up the debug console
step 7 alt + tab go to your desktop
step 8 right click on your desktop create a new text document
step 9 create a script like hint "hello world";
step 10 copy the text (ctrl + c)
step 11 return to game (alt + tab)
step 12 paste your script in the debug console (ctrl + v does not paste)

Additional Information

Make sure you have 0.74 installed and you are not running any prior updates or in developer mode

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Cannot reproduce the bug. The copy paste to debug console always worked for me and it works in the latest dev build too. Can you be very specific about the steps you are taking?

i updated a more detailed decription, its not in the dev build

can you paste it elsewhere? I know sometimes it doesn't copy in general

i can paste it again on my desktop or in any other file on my computer i also uninstalled all my mods and did a verification on my game integrity it passed, i tried it again still the same thing, maybe you got a point im going into the dev build until this is resolved

How you paste the script?

Strg + V ???

Ok, i see your edit in the description.

try installing dev build just to see if it works

i installed the dev build still the came to the same thing im probably just going to try a reinstall

ok so i found a solution i restored from previous backup and installed the latest update and it can now paste in the debug console, i think that it could just be a download source that is sending corrupt information maybe Bohemia Interactive can check into that if that's the case