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Problem with boarding APC
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My friend and I are having trouble getting into the new APCs.

More specifically, we are not able to get in together after blowing up other vehicles. So destroying a vehicle of the same faction as the player (even though it is empty) while in the APC will cause the player who was the gunner to be considered "hostile" or something and you may not board a vehicle with him anymore.

*Try out the steps to reproduce that I put below*


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Steps To Reproduce

You need two players for this:

1- Spawn empty Panther

2- Spawn empty Hunter (for example)

3- Board Panther as Driver

4- Have player 2 board as Gunner

5- Have player 2 destroy the Hunter completely

6- Both players get out

7- Player 2 get back in the APC in any position (try gunner for this example though)

8- Player 1 try to get in the APC with player 2

Additional Information

We tested this with other vehicles and confirmed that it only happens with APC's.

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