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Sniper Optical Sights (SOS) zeroing makes bullet path unrealistic from weapon
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Firing any weapon, except the sniper, with the SOS scope attached on a high zeroing value (1000+) will make the bullet spawn in air and not in the bullet chamber...

Above 1000 meters of zeroing you will see a noticeable difference.

See attached screenshot for an example shot against a wall.
Some extra screenshots added aswel. {F21060}


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Steps To Reproduce

0. Get in the editor

  1. Add a player
  2. Add a Support crate (Bluefor/Opfor) + Basic Weapon crate (Bluefor/Opfor)
  3. Get any weapon (NOT THE SNIPER) + the SOS scope from the Support crate
  4. Zero from 1000 to 2300
  5. Fire weapon and see what happends :)

Tip, stand next to a wall/house to atleast see your bullet impacts at higher zeroing value.

Additional Information

Extra screenshots..

Still present in latest DEV.. (21-08-2013 // 9344)

Wall shot:

Killing enemy while aiming in the ground:

Trying to kill an enemy while the weapon is aimed on his torso:

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I always thought that zeroing in ArmA is implemented not by angle-ing the scope axis but in some other cheating way, and now we have the answer :)

yeah its like this for all weapon/sight combinations, its just not as noticeable with other sights. It'd be so much more realistic if there was a red orchestra style zeroing, where all it does is manipulate your sights in such a way that forces you to increase the rifle angle in order to place the sights on your target.

This also happens when you put on a silencer on some weapons.