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Increase life of chemstick
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Increase the life of a chemstick.

We use glowsticks / chemlights to mark a building as being cleared, mark mines and mark safe paths.

15 minutes(900 seconds) is not enough for them to be used over long operations.

Would prefer the duration of the chemstick increased to 4-6 hours.


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Excuse me, but why did you write


at the end of your ticket?

Also, I think chemlights should last max 1 hour because I don't see the point in them lasting more. Most missions only last 30 mins-1 hour.

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We run missions that last 2-3 hours. I bet you there are other teams out there that go longer.

I wrote those down as keywords in case someone was to search for this item.

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Chemlights or cyalumes as i know them, can last as long as 30mins to 12 hours or more, 15mins is far to short.

As Brenton says many people play missions that last longer than 1-2 hours where cyalumes could be a vital tool in marking anything from a safe lane through a mine field to a helicopter landing site.

Id say 4-6 hours sounds good.

You can script in this feature you want.

This is something the devs should not waste valuable time on because a simple script can do this. If someone in your clan can script, ask them. If you not ask on the forums.

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