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Java Integration: Network access to a range of local ports
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I think the default strategy for a sandboxed java in this environment would be to restrict network access completely. But there's an important reason why it's better to restrict network access and whitelist some local ports:

Interprocess communication: It would be possible to communicate with other processes like using named pipes already available in A2 (or the extension mechanism). The problem is, that it's not possible to create a named-pipe using java (although read/write works).
This would lead to a number of possible implementations:

  • Relay data from local to a server via a small relay program on the clients pc: local port -> redirect to server on a network
  • Log server scripts and help server admins by providing a remote commandline where commands are executed on the arma server
  • Client helpers: GPS on second screen, Client statistics like driven distance
  • More advanced addons: Imagine a mod which introduces a combat interface which can be used to transmit spotted enemys positions to your platoon lead: The interface now can run on the second screen of the client without interfere the combat awareness.

Sadly there's no java support right now, but i guess it's better to provide these requests now than later.


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