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Sound cuts out
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I have the same issue going on. I am running into my audio cutting out in game. First it intermittently goes in and out and then sooner or later it goes out completely.

All other windows sounds are working and all other games work with sound just fine so it is part of the game.

Windows 8 Professional x64
ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 w/ Realtek HD Audio
Skullcandy PLYR1 wireless headset
2x AMD Radeon HD 6950

These are the only four things that can cause audio malfunctions... and since I have all other audio and updated drivers it's neither of these...

I wasn't having this issue until I decided to try out the amount of in game sounds at maximum (It didn't happen right off the from the start of changing these settings though). I turned it back since, but that's the only thing I have done differently then when I first started. It also does happen with a lot of gun shots going on.. a lot of people are around me but the most they are doing is talking over VON.

I found that going into the lobby and rejoining brings back the sound... please fix this issue!


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Doesn't have steps, I just play the game and it'll work fine for a little while then will cut out here and there. Then it will cut out completely.

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Please fix your compatibility with USB headsets.

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I am reinstalling the game and I removed all game profiles from the "My Documents" folder to see if this is a in game profile issue.

Had no affect on fixing issue

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Are you using a surround sound headset? If so, try to play the game with the speakers and tell me if you still have the issue.

Yes. Dolby 7.1. I will try it when I get home tonight and update this post if it works. If my speakers do not work as well then it is Realtek CODEC compatibility.

The game has issues with surround sound. That's probably the problem.

I hope they plan on adding sound features to select different outputs in game to test while in game. Also adding the ability to change from surround sound to mono, headset, and dual speaker setups.

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I have the same issue with the logitec g930, sound going on and off but not totally, is like a fading issue. Tested with my desktop speakers and they work properly.
Last beta update still doesnt fix it.

I changed over to my SPDIF output instead of having the USB receiver be the default device and it works fine now.

They still need to it problem with surround sound headsets.