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Ghillie suits - You got it wrong. ghillie suits don't break up human silhouette and no vegitation able to be added
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So this is an improper ghillie suit : LOL...

Just like ours it shows the human head outlines. I feel this is giving us away in game. I also feel that not being able to add grass or tree branches around you is giving us away. I've done a ton of research on the proper building of a ghillie for years as my interest in sniper trade craft lead me to buy my own $10,000 sniper rifle and train. I've made two suits both taking aprox 150 hours to complete. When you build your suit your main goal is to break up the human form. To prove a point I had a friend look for me and he walked within 5 feet of me. I was standing next to a fence post..

My suits look more like this which try to take all the human form out. Very not much difference from the fist pic I posted but different :

The way to fix our suits would be to let us add vegetation. I think doing so one could also add it to cars also.

(just for kicks..)
My rifle that just got done being built after almost 2 years of work..

Rem 700 left hand 338 Norma Magnum US ARMY Nightforce F1 w/Custom action :


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Adding foliage to suits is already covered by #0004078.

I'm trying to guess what this is ticket is about by just looking at pictures. Are we debating whether Swamp Thing or Bigfoot was the coolest?

I vote for Bigfoot. He should roam around Altis randomly. Wish I thought of it.

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