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engineOn does not synchronize in multiplayer
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Run the command on the server, and clients will still see the engine is on. {F21040}


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Have a client get in the vehicle and turn the engine on. Getting out (without turning off the engine, for example by moving to back seat before getting out) does not change the result.

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Sorry, no idea how this got opened 3 times.

Update: Seems to get broadcasted across the network, but only take effect where the vehicle is local.

Not a bug. You're calling engineOn on the server.
engineOn can only be used on computers where the vehicle is local.

When a client gets in a vehicle he receives ownership and the server can no longer turn the engine off.

Read more about locality here

The command was ran on the server while the vehicle was empty. But then again it seems like returning vehicle locality takes a while if it even happens.

galzohar: After a client entered it? When a client enters a vehicle he gains ownership. If he leaves it again, it isn't transfered back to the server.

Marking resolved as there were some changes that improved engineOn and JIP. Feel free to bring this issue up again if not resolved.

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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