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Change GOGGLES category name to FACEWEAR and add Facemasks there OR Add new Slot
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After having tried Cunico's excellent hidden identity addon ( ) I have thought a bit and want to make the following suggestion.

It would be cool if the "goggles" category could be renamed "Facewear". Further, light shemaghs, balaclavas, along with the existing glasses and goggles should be moved into this category.

If balaclavas are used as headwear, they will not be combinable with helmets. This isn´t really realistic, especially as the fire-protection equipment of modern soldiers often includes balaclavas to be worn under their helmets. (Links 1 and 2)

Additionally, chops for some types of helmet could also be included in this category, as well as maxillofacial plates for crew and aircrew helmets (Links 3 and 4).

Below I supplied an example picture of Cunico's Shemagh on an Opfor soldier to illustrate the advantage of combining facewear with headwear, rather than making the shemagh headwear only.

Existing goggles could then be added as seperate models in combination with balaclavas/facemasks. This would be more sensible than having balaclavas as headgear that excludes use of helmets. {F21008}

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How about "Facewear", "Headwear" and "Eyewear", as it is still possible to wear a balaclava, a helmet and glasses at the same time in real life

Agreed, there should be separate categories for masks, glasses, scarves, and the like. Maybe even helmets too.

I think that would overcomplicate things. This ticket is just about renaming the goggles section into facewear to broaden the spectrum of items to be placed there. It´s mostly to clarify what this part is intended for, since goggles are a very restrictive term.

For example, it wasn´t immediately obvious to me that the addon I linked above used the Goggles instead of the Headgear section in the inventory. A shemagh isn´t a pair of goggles.

Adding more categories for items to wear would be troublesome because then you could arbitrarily expand to seperate pants, shirts, boots, gloves, etc...

DayZ is doing that, but there it is a sensible part relevant to gameplay. In Arma, all the Uniform is doing is change your thermal signature, add a little protection, and camouflage you. Just renaming the section for goggles as described above should suffice, I think.

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I would suggest to add another slot there too.
If that is not possible, what about moving NVGoggles to eyewear and to now free slot to facewear? Never used a pair or NV goggles but I imagine that you can't make proper use with any type of goggles and whatnot anyway. Plus, tacticool; nuff said :)

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 3:36 PM

+1, There really should be a category for masks, would go hand in hand with 12276 's suggestion of adding a facemask to the OPFOR helmet to give it additional thermal masking.

Baclavas, facepaint, and masks are to be used as faces in the player customization, i think that's the most useful thing, because i dont think you shouldn't be able to use NVG and a baclava at the same time......

+1 for another slot.

@InstaGoat: maybe you can change the ticket description/title?

@Dr Death, why not? You can do it in real life...

Because if then, ArmA 3 should allow a FULL simulation on headgear, and no one wants to compete against TF2.

In real life headgear its just a secured prop that its not actually glued to the head, so the complexity of that its just so big and hard to make into the game that its better just to let it like that.

Besides, using Baclavas and facepaint in the same slot (player customization) its fine by itself