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Realism option to toggle the [helicopter] landing gear up/down manually.
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I fly helicopters low & like to hide behind trees. But it looks childish & stupid to see the helicopter's landing gear down when the gear should be up.

I know this feature might be added when planes are introduced to ARMA 3. But the current system (automatic landing gear up/down):

  1. Destroys stealth (by increasing the radar signature) when hovering low.
  1. Increases drag (not that you're really flying fast, but still).
  1. Looks childish
  1. Looks extremely unprofessional. It's really difficult to get good video showing the Commanche hovering low in stealth mode, when the landing gear sticks out like a guys erection at a bikini beach party.

Some gamers WANT automatic landing gear - So PLEASE allow a "automatic raise or lower helicopter landing gear" OPTION in the realism settings, so each helicopter pilot can choose whether or NOT to use automatic landing gear. But honestly, I prefer to manually raise/lower the landing gear. And this should be a semi realistic product, not just a child's game.

Lastly - Just set a single key to raise or lower the landing gear (a toggle key). You don't need 1 key for "gear down" and a second key for "gear up". That is not necessary. Keep it simple.


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Steps To Reproduce

A) Get in a Commanche.

B) Get low & slow behind a treeline.

C) Go to external view & watch your landing gear automatically drop.

D) Look like a fool trying to hide a stealth helicopter with your landing gear sticking out.

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With those miniguns sticking out your stealth is lost anyway. But Im all out for manual controls of a landing gear.

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Duplicate of #0010006. Please search before posting.

I *DID* search. I assumed this would be a duplicate issue. Therefore, I tried my best to find another reference to it. I'm glad you are better at searching this site than I am, but I spent about 15 minutes searching with every logical key word that I could think of!!!

Unless you are capable of improving the keyword search capabilities of this website . . . please be considerate before you insult a loyal customer who has enjoyed playing this game since the days of OPERATION FLASHPOINT.

Just because a duplicate issue exists, does NOT mean that nobody tried to avoid creating a duplicate issue. Some people try. Some do not. So please don't assume that you know what I did.

If this website tracks my search keywords and phrases . . . then you can look it up. I searched for this issue with many, many keywords and phrases BEFORE posting! I tried my best. You're WELCOME.

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Still this being duplicate I add this here.

The stealth against radars doesn't work on helicopters. AH-99 (Blackfoot) (aka RAH-66 Comanche) isn't better in stealth than PO-30 (Orca), Mi-48 (Kajman) and so on.

The helicopter rotors generate a airflow what is a huge blob on radar, it is like a 50x50x50 cubic meter sized giant would try to sneak at you.

It doesn't matter do you have wheels in or out as they are not visible on radar.

When comparing a helicopter hulls etc in radar when they are not flying, AH-99 (RAH-66) has 1/3 of the radar signature what is example from AH-64 Apache. But once you start your engines, your radar signature is not possible to be minimized.

That is one reason why RAH-66 was never placed to production as the stealth characteristics didn't work as radars picks it anyways.

But gears needs to be get up as when you are flying at very low level of trees and so on, you don't want your gear to hit them.


"insult a loyal customer"

Lol wut? I'm not a dev, nor a moderator.

Also, just use Google, type the keywords and type "arma 3 feedback tracker" in the end.

Ok. I thought you were a moderator, and I already used this website's search function, which obviously didn't help since you used google and found a similar ticket quickly, where-as I searched for about 15 mins or so with this sites search utility and found absolutely nothing.

As for using google, thanks for the tip. I (incorrectly) assumed that using this website's search utility would be better than using google.

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Closing as duplicate.