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Additional less lethal APERS mine needed
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Current APERS mines in ArmA 3 are always lethal when stepped on. However, gameplay reasons there could be also be less effective mine which would injure the leg(s) but not kill the victim which could then be healed by a medic. Of course real-life soldier without a leg couldn't be healed just like that, but such mines would be great for gameplay reasons. Currenlty it is frustrating to walk into a mine in ArmA 3 and be always instantly killed.


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Try the tripwire mines.

There are "less lethal" alternatives.

That being said, the entire purpose of a mine is to be frustratingly lethal. It can be used as a method to prevent players from moving into areas that the level designer doesn't need/want the player to go through.

As long as the designer makes it obvious enough that there are mines, I see no problem with how mines are currently implemented.

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I've tried tripwire mines & other AP mines and stepping on them causes instant death every time (latest beta), so I don't know what you are doing different?

Anyway, the main point is to have both lethal and non-lethal mines in the game letting the mission designer decide which to use. IRL, the purpose of non-lethal AP mines is to cause injuries, since a wounded man is a burden while a dead man isn't.

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To have injured men be a burden we would need a "carry/drag" feature and have to drag soldiers to ambulances, but currently this is only in Arma 2 OA :(. upvoted.

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get a mine detector or some one with one, I would rather die that be stuck in a wheel chair and not being able to move even my eyes

Just tested it, tripwire mines are NOT lethal.

I don't know, maybe the point of mines is to NOT walk on them. I mean I don't know for sure, I just kinda got that impression from various sources.

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Just noticed, tripwire mines are lethal only on veteran difficulty settings and not on recruit. Maybe there's a way to keep them less lethal on veteran as well. ArmA 3 could use a small mine that would injure legs and make you crawl. On recruit you can step over mines and just get hurt tiny bit.

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