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Stereoscopic 3D is causing graphical artifacts even when turned off
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My GPU is Nvidia GTX 560. I keep stereoscopic 3D allways and so far had no issues in any other game. Strobing backlight used in 3D also adds benefit of reducing visible pixel motion blur in 120hz 2D mode.

On start of the game the stereoscopic 3d is turned off on default. However in Arma 3 this is causing graphical glitches(See pictures). The artifats seem to be present only in low light conditions. It is possible to stop the artifacts from appearing by turning the stereoscopic 3D on and off but all starts againg when I make a changes in video settings that forces engine to restart(?). For example changing texture quality.

What a shame Arma 3 isnt at least as 3D friendly as Arma 2 was. Now we have a great simulator. Simulating war from the view of a cyclop. :) {F20992} {F20993} {F20994}


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Monitor with Nvidia 3d Vison support (asus vg248qe in my case)
Enable stereoscopic 3D in Nvidia control panel
In Arma, launch Night Showcase
Looking towards the island from the boat causes graphical artifacts to appear.
Other way that causes them is shooting the gun.

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same thing here

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