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[Feature request] Filter for game settings in the MP server browser
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Since Arma3 appeals to a large audience from hardcore to more arcade gamers, there should be a filter for game settings in the multiplayer browser, especially for the options "crosshair" and "3rd person".
(I can't stand arcade crosshair and 3rd person but simply not using it in a competitive multiplayer match is not an option, since it gives an unfair advantage to those using it)

The filter could be implemented reusing the server settings dialog with an additional wildcard / don't care filter.
Another less flexible way would be to have different presets, like "hardcore", "arcade", ... such as must games with a smaller arcade vs. hardcore range do.


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Note: This is not a duplicate of the exclusion filter feature request, since its about filtering the actual game settings, not the title

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why the hell hasn't this been addressed* (happy\/?)....ffs

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How can a feature request be "fixed"?

This would be a very useful feature for filtering out servers.

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Agreed, upvoted.