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AI have bizarre choice structure while using "get in" waypoint.
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The "Get In" waypoint/command yields erratic behavior from AI. If a vehicle is not spotted from waypoint's proximity, AI will go to closest vehicle it knows of.

This is tricky, as vehicles that can simply be parked "next" to a building can go unseen, and cause the AI to backtrack to an unnecessary amount of distance, to attempt to complete the mission with a vehicle that won't be able to solve the problem (a boat, when the next waypoint is on land, for instance). This is also frustrating when building night time missions, as decreased visibility only heightens the problem.

My suggestion is that a "search" subroutine be implemented after the "get in" waypoint trips, so that the AI looks for a usable vehicle in a larger area around the waypoint.


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start a group next to a vehicle, in a low-light/night mission. Move the group further ahead (via waypoints, and have a "get in" icon over a vehicle. Make sure this vehicle has a chance to not be "seen" from the vantage point the waypoint provides.

This should make the AI automatically "give up" and run all the way back to the vehicle first spotted at the spawn point.

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I may be misunderstanding and forgive me if I am, but it sounds like the waypoint isn't attached to the vehicle.

If you are placing waypoints and you double click on a vehicle, that vehicle becomes 'attached' to that waypoint. If the waypoint is attached correctly (you can't move the waypoint without moving the vehicle, too) they should not go to any other vehicle.

Yes, the waypoint is very much attached.

What I found peculiar is that when one plays as commander of the group, the vehicle connected to the "get in" waypoint does not show up in the commands menu as an option to use the "board" command with. It's as if the vehicle is "off limits", despite it being unlocked and large enough to transport the entire group. One can interact with it through the scroll menu (so I can board it and drive it myself), but not through the commands menu.

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