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Green faction uniforms do not load for other players.
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Every single time I play multiplayer with a friend and load the green faction uniforms they do not display to other players. They DO appear on my screen. To other players they show up as underwear. Which totally defeats the purpose of the uniform.


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Join a MP game with a friend. Have a friend load a GF uniform. He will appear with his vest, helmet, and gun, but no uniform. You can however see it on your own screen.

NOTE: This could be VAS related. As other bugs like using the reload on spawn function loads all your maps, compasses, watch EACH time you respawn instead of reloading all of the gear. IE: 1x 2x 3x etc. Also when revived or respawn certain articles of clothing will disappear like beanies etc. Just a heads up in case this is the issue!

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addUniform command works locally but not globally in MP.

If I'm west player and use:
player addUniform "U_I_CombatUniform"
I am the only one to see the independent uniform. The other players will see the west uniform I started the mission with.

Suggestion 1: add green uniforms for west so we don't need to use independent uniforms (west uniforms are for desert camouflage but in PVP missions we need the same 'green-looking' uniforms for west so west has equal camouflage potential as east side)

Suggestion 2: make the addUniform command have global effects when used with uniforms that are of a different side than the players

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