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Very unrealistic vehicle's crashes.
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The impact of vehicles are totaly unrealistic.

This lack of reality occurs in many ways, for exemple:

-Specially the helicopters crashing on the ground. They just act act like a heavy BALL, even kick some times.
-When a car crash with a house it simply stops. The walls of the house still undamage and the car looks like new (but dont work anymore). Both acts like rocks, just like a complete solid object not like one made of many parts.
-Some light objects simply totaly stops heavy vehicles at high speeds, without any visual damage and displacement for both of then.

Far from reality or even from older games:

For a best idea:


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Game Physics
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Just take a chopter and crash it on the ground.
Now take a armored,crash it with a house, with a wooden wall, with a wooden box, and with lamp-post. Do the same test colliding with another car.

I know it is very difficult to be changed, but the current results are far from satisfactory in this issue.

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And people are superglued to the objects. But this may be classified as another issue.

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Again, with this new account you appear to have, I have the water crashes and interaction part covered.

Thanks ProGamer, I already voted for your issue.
But my point here is more about the crashes on the ground, when the heli acts like a complete solid object. What make it even kick like a ball some times.
More broadly, it is a problem related with any impact or crash of objects, because the all are made as complete solid objects.
Hard to change I Know, but is an important issue to the future.

If you don't mind me asking, why did you delete your first version of this post you made just before this one?

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Just like to add that the majority of vehicles in this game are military vehicles and they are made of much stronger material than civilian vehicles (many possible to use to break through concrete walls). Would be neat if the offroad deformed however but not expecting to see such a thing...helicopters are...odd....for one the rotors don't shear off and it explodes when upside down (really shouldn't do that).

House destruction would be nice, world of tanks is a wonderful example even if a bit over the top but on the flip side that would mean redesigning every house with segments and who knows what else.

Arma... started off as prospective combat sim, but the community wanted another Grand Theft Auto instead.

Close your history books, class. Now you know why games are extinct and we just have GTA 6035.

When you drive vehicles into stuff bad things happen and vehicles usually don't work right anymore. We don't need real deformations. Stop being greedy.

Yes, your kids (maybe even you when you have terrible arthritis) will be able to play games that do everything you could ever want. For now you have to face limitations in time, hardware, engine, whatever.

I guess adding some more reality would not change the game focus on war simulatting.

A wooden wall stoping a armored at a high speed is very frustrating.

Okay, the ARMA engine is not made in any way to do crumple simulations! We're talking about a game where we just got reload animations in 2013. We get bad enough FPS on multiplayer servers as it is!

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I would like to add vehicle-vehicle crashes to the problem.
For example I just made a To-199 crash into my Ifrit at full take off speed, and the Ifrit didn't even get a scratch. Neither did the Neophron on the first try, only the pilot died. On the second try, it blew up, so it's a bit better, but still didn't damage me or the car.