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Game freeze(paused) when it's window not actived
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I play ArmA3 in windowed mode,every time when i switch out of the game,it just freezed where I leave, I can active it back,it continues. but if I'm loading game or like moving with a vehicle, after I switch back, I didn't get any progress.
In ArmA2, while game window is not actived, there is some lag on graphic but it doesn't freeze or pause. Or maybe make a option for it like in FSX,you can choose whether pause the game for task switching.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Run the game,do something(like combat with AI or move with AI drived vehicle).
-Switch out of the game (ALT+TAB, or click other window in windowed mode)
-See the graphic is freezed if in windowed mode,and after you switch back, game got no progress.

Additional Information

When I trying some new patch\mods and switch out to chat with my friends aboth this,this freezing is a bit annoying.
Have't try how it works in multiplay yet.

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have you tried the -nopause command line option?

This is intentional. Run the game with -nopause.

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