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Collective Lower Pitches Helicopter Nose Down
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Pressing E Collective/Throttle down gives undesired result (forward pitch).

Desired controls are Q for Collective/Throttle UP >Lift

          E for Collective/Throttle Down        >Lift
          W for Cyclic/Stick Forward            >Pitch
          A for Cyclic/Stick Left               >Pitch
          S for Cyclic/Stick Back               >Pitch
          D for Cyclic/Stick Right              >Pitch
 Mouse Left for Left Anti-Torque Pedal          >Yaw
Mouse Right for Right Anti-Torque Pedal         >Yaw


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Steps To Reproduce

Edit helicopter flight controls as listed above. Start Helicopter Showcase. Once inside helicopter press q to start engines and lift off. Pressing E at this time adjusts pitch instead of collective.

Additional Information

On top of the frustration over controls comes the alarm being sounded off in base while trying to learn how to fly. Note that using "Default" controls the Z key does function as collective down properly.

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E is assigned to vehicle fast-forward, which you can't reassign in the options menu. Assigning downcollective to E will lower collective, but it just so happens that vehicle fast-forward for choppers in an aggressive pitch down, which it will also do.

You can change this by going to your current <profilename>.Arma3Profile file deleting the 18 from the keyHeliFastForward entry.

Wow thank you for the quick reply. I followed your instructions to edit my Arma3Profile and was able to complete the helicopter showcase with a smile on my face.

Before either today, or yesterdays dev patch this was working so it is a new issue.

Was pretty surprised when I went to drop back down below a hillside and my helicopter decided it wanted to eat dirt instead.

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