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BTR-K Commanders Independent Viewer positioning request
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Currently the BTR-K's commander has a fixed forward view. On top of the Gun Turret are two optics, of which the gunners viewer is at the moment correctly modelled. However, the sensor ball on top of the turret is not used: this should be the commander's viewer.

The ACE Stryker MGS has one such device mounted on their moving turret, so we know it is possible.

It would be really great if this viewer could be installed in the game to make commanding this vehicle possible. The fixed forward camera makes assigning and scanning for targets completely impossible.

See example picture below. {F20912}


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APCs are still wip, i am sure they will add it soon.

It is better now, but I think it needs stabilization too. Right now it is like the viewer on the old T-72s, so every time the turret moves, your view flops along with it, making it difficult to scan whithout locking the turret.

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