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Add support for Sensor Fused Nightvision optics.
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Being aware of time constraints of the A3 team, this is rather a request for support to be added to the engine for community members to add or to be added by BI at a later date than a request for the item it self.

Such support has already been included in VBS2 2.0

Sensor fused Nightvision simply is Thermal (FLIR)and Nightvision technology being combined into a single package, the most popular version of such technology is the AN/PSQ-20 Monocle, also known as the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG)

Fusing this technology into a single package allows thermal vision to be overlaid the top of Night vision (examples can be found below) in a single optic, allowing thermal vision in completely dark environments, night vision in low light environments and night vision with a thermal outline of objects (such as people) in low light environments.


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