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More Wildlife/Nature Stuffs
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While the snakes, bunny rabbits, and a variety of fish are lovely, I would like to see a bit more in the way of nature. Things like birds, maybe even a Deer here and there in the foresty parts of the world. Also, while in forests, there could also be burrows/fox dens.


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There are already birds on the island, and you have chickens, dogs and sheep, which can only be placed in the editor as a module. There are NO deer in the Mediterranean, especially on the islands. Also, I think there aren't any foxes either. I'll have to downvote.

Tip to Falloutperson416.

Some of these Beta testers have issues with differentiating reality from fantasy. The game is full of make-believe equipment on a make-believe island, but if a fox shows up then OMG IT'S NOT REALISTIC EVEN THOUGH THE AI IS SO DAMN RETARDED AND PLAYERS ARE F-ING PSYCHOTIC THAT THE ONLY THING GOOD ABOUT THE GAME IS IT LOOKS PRETTY! :)

But I doubt they'll get to this ticket as there are already some animals and unless you're really specific they'll probably ask for more info. I'd love to see more life built into the engine though. And not just the same freaking snake that loves every surface - especially runways and office buildings.

If you are playing arma 3 to look at the nature I would recommend you either go outside or go play skyrim instead. there are more important issues that need attention...

Yeah I'm sure they're going to work on the more important issues...

So what are you playing for? If it's to pretend to shoot a gun I recommend you join the military, go to a shooting range, or play paintball. :) If it's to fly go play a real flight sim.

What are these more important issues you're so interested in? Just wondering because most of the 'issues' getting a lot of attention are retarded, and are as about as important as this one.

Agreed bipods are more important. BUT Foxes are easier to implement!

I'd rather have a more complete editor, with 3D placement capability.. they still have the same "?" boxes that are nowhere near correct proportion from Arma 2

Lets put this in the not so important catagory.

Ok yeah that would be way more important than some deer as well. But in my defense, most of the people here don't even seem know the game has an editor, as tickets regarding that have like 10 votes a piece from what I've seen. And it's the same with AI.

Foxes are okay. Deer, however, are not.

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If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.