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BTR-K Kamysh running gear issue
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There is a strange solid plate behind BTR's road wheels that covers everything behind them, making player unable to see ground or opposite track.

Also, when the BTR-K is destroyed, road wheels of its wreck pass trough ground textures.

See attached screenshots for more details. {F20897} {F20898} {F20899} {F20900}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor and place BTR-K Kamysh somewhere.
  2. Get close to its track then go prone.
  3. Examine BTR's road wheels.
  4. Destroy vehicle using any suitable weapon.
  5. Examine wreck's road wheels.

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I don't get it.. whats the problem with the "strange plate"? That it will hit the ground perhaps?

Well, I think it's just make awesome modelled vehicle a little bit less awesome. :)
But no, it isn't interfere with ground, it seems to be just a mistakenly placed texture without collision model or something like that.

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