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Backpacks/BLUFOR vehicles CFG naming convention confusing.
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Currently, backpacks and blufor vehicles and backpacks both begin with "B_". This is a minor inconvenience. While it's not terribly difficult to tell a backpack apart from a vehicle, it makes it hard to quickly find a backpack in the alphabetically-sorted config viewer, makes the "B_" section much larger and brings two unrelated categories of things together--"neutral", non-unit, wearable backpacks and blufor, playable/drivable vehicles and units.

Speaking of large lists, in the config viewer at my resolution (1920x1080), the "B_"s take up 3 and 1/2 "pages," compared to the "O_"s, which take up about 1.


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Open up the config viewer and look at the "B_"s. You'll notice how large the section is compared to other sections.

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This is a very minor issue, and it would seem to be a very quick fix (at first glance at least--if you have references to backpacks all over the place, I could understand it could be inconvenient).

I'd suggest changing backpacks to use the prefix "Pack_" or "Backpack_" or "BP_", to better identify backpacks.

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