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Can't connect to LAN dedicated server without internet connection.
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Steam has to be in online mode for you to be able to connect to LAN dedi server. Otherwise (steam in offline mode) you wait for 5 minutes and then get a message that you've been kicked from server. This is ridiculous and has to be changed.


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Try to connect to dedicated server located in your local area network while Steam is in offline mode.

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Glitch n the game, this wld be problematic for tournaments and LAN parties.

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Upvoted. Completely unacceptable.

did you try a direct connect via IP as the server list is advertised via gamespy?

Hit the remote button and try a direct connection via IP address.

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Yes, ozdeadmeat, I tried it as well. Result was the same.

This problem still exists in the 1.0 Release version.

It makes playing in a LAN environment almost impossible because the LAN has no internet access and any large missions like warfare always lag down the person that is hosting the mission

The server RPT only shows a repeated message of

Server error: Player without identity Fredkatz (id 000000000)

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Needs fixing this is bad

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Developers probably are searching way to get only unique ARMA 3 games in LAN so you can not do the typical trick with friends to place steam offline, copying steam game to other computer and log in with your account and place it offline as well, with all computers until all are offline and then you have as many computers playing co-op in LAN.

I just don't get it why it really needs to be so that LAN and local co-op are not thought to be common things as they are the most social ways to play games, not the multiplayer. And studios does all kind things to force friends to buy own copies etc.

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Also upvoting for this!

Even if this was being used to play LAN with a couple of friends that didn't own a copy, what is the problem with that? At the end of the LAN if anyone likes the game enough, they will go buy it to play it online with their buddies. Good marketing.

Maxyz added a comment.Nov 19 2013, 9:46 AM

The problem with that is really obvious - they DO NOT own a copy of a game, therefore don't have the right to play it.
But I made this ticket because of a real problem - it was being used to play LAN with a couple of friends that DO own a copy and couldn't connect to my server.

I had the same problem when I hosted LAN.. I found that I had to go to my Router and to the DMZ and put in my ip I am on router with 3 other computers.. so it was like for one sys and mine was ... Once I set it in the DMZ in my Router (FIREWALL) settings.. it worked fine.. I can host and as long as someone has my IP they can join with no problems.... Hope this helps

To MAXYZ... a couple of my friends are like me.. I won't play any games through the STEAM CROOKS, They ripped me off and would not make it right so I don't spend any money through them.. I know many others this has happen to .. Ban accounts for no reason.. and it was permanent ban, they let some 3rd party company dictate their policies so it was their way of being able to say . It's not us we can't do anything about it.. and you have to buy new program or your screwed.. well after them screwing me out of over 200.+ dollars US They can bit me.. I will never give steam crooks another dime... I did however buy this game, just not through steam crooks.. I also have other games that say they need steam crooks to run MP.. I simply get programs that lets me go around them.. so I am screwing them for a change.. :)

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Please fix this. I quite often spend two hours of my day on the train, travelling into London to work. Normally I would spend this time developing Arma.. Not desperately trying to eek out a web connection, through my mobile, just to join a server on localhost, many thanks.

Any update on this?