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Can Anyone Tell Me What This Is?
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I don't know what this is, but anytime I try to play an online Multiplayer Mission, or even a downloaded Singleplayer Mission, this stupid black debug thing shows up. I try to find the file in the mission and correct the "missing values" and I can't find it in any of the mission files, but I would just like to have this obstruction SHUT OFF, and I would never have to see this again.

I just want it SHUT OFF. {F20882}


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Play on a server where you have to download a mission, or download your own.

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I get this sometimes with MP Missions. I'm pretty sure it's the mission just looking for something that isn't there. More an issue for the mission maker I'd say?

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It doesn't cause any gameplay problems, it's just that it's in the way. You wouldn't even notice a problem if it wasn't there.

From the Latest Sitrep: "The next patch (dev branch already) has enabled the reporting of uninitialized scripting variables. The behavior of scripts containing such variables is unchanged, but an on-screen warning is shown so the script author can solve the situation. An uninitialized variable may cause logic errors in the future, even if the script currently appears to work as intended. The change may cause a transition period of errors being shown, but it will result in better script quality in the long-term."