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Requests for Firing Drils
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Please clarify stance and weapon indications on drills. And polish up when targets go hot vs stance.


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Ok so, before anyone bitches about searching, I've spent the last fifteen minutes trying every keyword I can think of looking for similar threads. If there are duplicates then it is an issue in the search feature.....which I find lacking anyway. Mark it as duplicate if you must.

Anyway, the problem I have with the firing drills (now that we have .45ACP ammo yay!), is that going through them the first time, I'd often get caught out because I saw no indication for firing stance or required weapon. The instructor tells you to check weapon or stance etc, but by the time you swap out you've not only ground off a lot of time but might miss a target. The spray painted markings on the boards help, but I believe they should be more visible in some cases, not down in the weeds where I have to walk up to it and say omg there it is.

So, my request is simple. Please retag the boards so that the indications are clearly visible. It's a firing range after all and in my experience most things involving firearms training is CLEARLY marked for SAFETY. When I'm still 10+ feet away I should be able to glance at my next box and CLEARLY see the indications and understand PISTOL+CROUCHING :)

I know some would say that you simply have to repeat the courses until you memorize them. And while I totally understand this, the point I'm trying to make is that it's supposed to be a training course. It involves firearms and thus the information provided to the shooter should be designed for fast information gathering, not a half second of scratching your head and fumbling for the right weapon then fumbling about while you get into the right stance.

Also, some of the shooting boxes start the targets the moment your toes cross the marker. If say you have to dive prone and then look left, the targets have been staring at you since you entered the box and initiated the prone. You now turn left, look through the cut-out and watch the target dive to safety = miss. I'm not sure how hard it would be to tweak this so that you approach the box in such a way that you dive into the box and THEN get the pop ups but it'd be appreciated. Maybe adjust it so you must break the plane of the opening before targets initiate?

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