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AMV-7 Marshall (& prob all Amphib Vehicals) Often Ignore Amphibious Waypoints and Path Towards Closest Land
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The AMV-7 seems to ignore amphibious waypoints set by a mission creator and instead make for closest land. This is a problem when creating beach landing missions since you get Marshall tanks going all over the place. Also, while they seem to seek closest land, they don't do so with regard to their ability to climb up onto the land. In the Agia harbor, AMV-7s will move to the rocky breakwater and try to climb it- which they can't- making themselves really easy targets for any OPFOR on land (assuming their aim isn't off from laughing so hard).

So what you get is a crowd of AMV-7s going every which way, getting stuck against each other, rocks, high underwater terrain, and trying to climb unclimbable obstacles, all instead of following the player waypoint. This *usually* happens if you place the AMVs any distance from the beach. Out of several tries I did have the vehicle path fairly close to the correct waypoint, but usually it chooses its own path.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place one or more AMV-7s out in Agia Marina harbor (anywhere in or around grid 026059, the exact distance isn't really important, basically just so the vehicle has to swim a bit).
  1. Place waypoints for the vehicles directing them to drive up onto the shoreline in a sane way.
  1. Start the mission and note how they decide to take the shortest, and likely most suicidally insane, route towards land.
Additional Information

It seems like there are a scattering of waypoint issues that might be solved with some sort of a "FOLLOW EXACT" waypoint option, that would direct units to only follow the route laid out by the creator. Obviously, you would know best how feasible that would be, and I offer that just as a suggestion and with complete blissful ignorance about the dependencies and complications that might involve.

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