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"Quickdraw" sidearm by dropping primary weapon (secured to vest)
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I would very much like to see the primary weapon disappear from the soldiers back. The primary rifle nowadays is in many cases secured to the vest with a clip so the soldier can easily put away/drop his weapon (like in the idle walk animation).

The sidearm\pistol is supposed to be a quick resort if reloading your primary weapon is no viable option, however previously in ARMA2 and now ARMA3 Beta, drawing your sidearms takes precious seconds.

I would love to see ARMA3 have an animation and procedure where a soldier switching to his sidearm (possibly by keystroke) 'drops' his weapon, but it sticks to his vest at chest height, and then simultaneously draws his pistol.


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One of the anim dev's said a while back they looked at this but said they had issues with implementation and it being consistent through various stances from a design point of view.

Similar if not exactly the same ticket

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