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Wireless Headset Support (Player's Gunfire Sound Missing)
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Alright so I have a pair of Skullcandy/Astro Plyr 1's that I use for my PC that has a decoder that uses USB and an Optical cable for 7.1 Dolby Digital.

So for some reason I can't hear my own weapon firing, and this extends from infantry to vehicle weapons as well. Now I can hear other people shoot their weapons in multi-player and I can hear the impact noise at close ranges, I can even hear the shell casing hit the ground I just can't hear the actual round being fired from my weapon.

My headset works fine in AMRA 2 Operation Arrowhead so it is something within ARMA 3 that is preventing me from hearing my rounds being fired. {F20857} {F20858}


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Use any wireless headset

Start Editor
place a rifleman
fire primary weapon

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You should be able to hear every noise in the background except for the weapon firing.

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Guys this is killing my gameplay experience and is extremely disorienting to not hear my own rounds being fired. I use a TrackIR 5 with a Track Clip Pro mounted to my headset so not having my headset provide in game sound would be ridiculous.

Like I said before ARMA 2 and Operation Arrowhead work fine and I am able to hear my own rounds being fired.

My PLYR1's are having the same issue... except I end up having no sound at all after a little while.

Nearing the end of the month now this still hasn't been viewed.

Sorry to hear that you are also having this issue. I really hope that they fix it before final release.

I have the same issue, worked fine at start of alpha, then after a update it stopped working and has not since. Afterglow wireless headset.

Cannot hear my weapon firing.. can hear casings hitting ground and can hear impact of rounds.. Reload also is audible.

edit I finally managed to fix the issue. In my sound mixer where you choose what you use to playback sound. Instead of using the headset as the default device, I selected speaker instead. It is working fine now.

I shouldn't have to change any settings when it works just fine in other games. I will try your quick fix when I get home from work. However this issue is still with in the game since all the same audio settings work in ARMA 2.

So I haven't replied because my PSU died on me as of late, but that is a different story in itself.

I am still having issues with surround sound in my PLYR1's. I am going to be trying out the regular "Realtek Digital Output" to see if that runs better and longer. It appears as though the game is not compatible with me setting "Speakers - Skullcandy GMX Dolby Transmitter" as my default playback device.

I even have tried to do a Windows 8 refresh (mainly because my headsets receiver would not work properly, this fixed it). It worked for a while then proceeded to have the sound cut out on me. At first it was only shots from other people and the wilderness then it turned into small popping noises and then nothing... it's completely sad when you spend almost $200 on a headset that a popular game doesn't support.

This is when ARMA 3 needs the ability to select which Playback Output you want.

I have figured out how to get sound properly from my PC. Due to the game not supporting USB... I have to use my "Realtek Digital Output". It works flawlessly. I suggest using your digital output rather than the receivers USB connection.

StickyItToYou The USB port is what powers the decoder for the wireless, not using it would prevent the decoder from sending a signal to the headset resulting in no audio at all. I use the SPDIF Out on my motherboard with the provided digital optical cable that plugs into the decoder's Opt In port. This works fine for Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead but for some reason not for Arma 3.

I can hear every noise in the game except for: My own weapon's gunshots, Countermeasures deployed by me in aircraft, My Aircraft's weapons being fired, and pretty much every sound triggered by the player that has to do with shooting or deploying something.

I have been playing Arma 2 for years and have bought every single DLC. My wireless headset works perfectly in Arma 2 and in it's expansions. I was really looking forward to playing Arma 3 and even bought my friend a copy of the game. Please don't just ignore this problem with your product.

I was meaning keep everything plugged in like it should be. This includes the SPDIF and the USB to power the receiver, just when right clicking on the audio volume symbol in the task bar (bottom right) select "Playback Devices" then in the list of available devices right click your "Digital Output" and select as default.

DON'T USE THE RECEIVER AS THE DEFAULT DEVICE! If you need any help I can help you through Teamviewer if that is okay with you.

This is what fixed my sounds issues with Arma 3. I still have 7.1 surround sound due to the Digital Output supporting Dolby Digital.

This didn't work I have tried every sound option available to me and none of them have given me my gunfire audio. I don't know what kind of magic bullshit Windows 8 has but I have gone into Windows 7's speaker settings and RealTek HD Audio Manager settings and nothing I have done has made any difference.

Did you ensure that all audio formats and sample rates are enabled in your Digital Output? I suggest doing this and setting it as default.

IT IS REQUIRED FOR PLYR1's THAT DOLBY DIGITAL IS ENABLED. I found that one out from their tech support.

Right Click Volume Control > Playback Devices > Right click (Realtek or other company) Digital Output (Might be called SPDIF) > Properties > Supported Formats > Enable ALL formats and sample rates > Apply

Try it now. This is the settings I have in it.

I uploaded a few pictures to this thread of what to look for.