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Add pop-up gear lists for all slots on Inventory dialog.
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Feature request: (Inventory dialog)

Problem: The Inventory dialog Filter option is insufficient to handle the large amount of gear that Arma 3 introduces.

Idea: Upon clicking any gear slot, it could pop-up a list which shows a filtered list for the current gear type: (eg: primary weapon, vest, etc).

See example edited dialog screenshots. (The filter ideas are slightly mixed here, depending on whether you combine some filters types or not.)

This topic is related to issue #11064 (Inventory Filters).
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This could be quite easy to achieve with just a single listBox control plus a Text control for the caption. These controls would hide themselves upon losing focus or it would show itself and fill it's list as appropriate for the given gear type.

The listBox could reposition itself to either: overlap or align itself with the current gear slot when activated, depending on design.

The listBox could resize itself, both in width plus row count, to suit the current gear type and count. Given that some slots, like 'compass' would generally only have 1 item.

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