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"ACP-C2" 1911 handgun hammer stays forward when it should be back
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The "ACP-C2" (or the 1911 type handgun for those of us who recognize popular weapon types) has a single-action trigger. Meaning for it to function the hammer has to be cocked first. When the slide of the "ACP-C2" goes back, it automatically cocks the hammer in order for it to fire the next round. In the game, the hammer always appears to be in the forward position. {F20845}


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Equip the "ACP-C2" handgun.

Additional Information

When the weapon is dropped on the ground, the hammer is correctly in the back position, but while holding it in 1st-person view it is incorrectly in the forward position.

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Please stop calling it "the 1911" and use in-game names.

Sorry, I don't really pay attention to the in-game names since I know what they are, lol. Looks like a modified Kimber Desert Warrior to me, which is a 1911-style handgun. I simply call all of them "1911."

So, what is the in-game name?

It's ACP-C2, I believe.

Ok, sorry, I did an internet search for it so I didn't have to relaunch the game just to see it, and it's called the "ACP-C2." And upon closer inspection with the side views of it I found on the internet, there's a whole lot more wrong with this one... Wow...

First, apparently they combined different parts of different 1911's. The slide they used was off of a "GI" model 1911, which has a very small ejector opening. Almost no high-end modern 1911 design uses this anymore, they always use the flared ejector cut since they are more reliable. The third-person view if you drop the weapon has the hammer correctly back, while in the first-person view while holding it, it is incorrectly in the forward position. And the magazine in the weapon in the dropped view is flush with the bottom of the weapon which would indicate a standard 7-round magazine. Even the 8-round magazine sticks out a little bit, much less a 9 round magazine that it seems to have in this game...

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